After South America, I will be going to France for a Work Holiday Programme. I am going to do some backpacking around Europe as well.

Check back later for updates.

  • Suddenly, Osijek. - I really had an awesome, memorable time in Osijek. The people were so nice and welcoming! I would like to come back again in the future, hopefully meet everyone again and also, this time to explore more of Croatia.
  • Balkan Adventures: Novi Sad, Serbia - Novi Sad is the 2nd largest city in Serbia, the capital of the province of Vojvodina and the administrative seat of the South Bačka District. According to the 2011 census, the city has a population of 250, 439.
  • Timisoara, Romania - Timisoara is the 3rd most populous city in Romania with a population of over 300, 000. It is considered the informal capital city of the historical region of Banat.
  • Hitchhiking from Timisoara to Novi Sad - "You are going to Brussels! Are you a terrorist?" he asked. Are you kidding me? I wanted to tell him. "No, of course not!" I smiled uneasily. Is he serious? "Do you have a pistol in your backpack? Do you have drugs? Do you have marijauna? Illegal things in your backpack? "
  • Berlin: Couchsurfing, reunion and more - I did some couchsurfing (as I always try to do) and I couldn’t have been more fortunate to have met two amazing hosts who shared to me their Berlin. Filip, […]
  • Berlin: An inspiration. - Rarely do I make expectations of cities and places. I’ve since learned to appreciate cities and places without much or any expectations at all. I learned to just go and enjoy and […]
  • Meeting friends I met while backpacking – again - People do come and go in your life but that doesn’t mean that you will never see them again – ever. You will meet a lot of people while travelling. It’s […]
  • How to travel the world for more than 2 years… - I always get asked this: How do you manage to travel for so long? I am not a travel expert but I will share what I learned since I began […]
  • A beautiful, unplanned biking trip in the Netherlands - I have just arrived from a 5 day biking trip in the Netherlands. It was, in fact, an unplanned trip. Originally, the plan was to start walking everyday for at least a month […]
  • Photos from Riga, Latvia - Riga is the beautiful capital of Latvia. With just over 600, 000 inhabitants, it is the largest city of the Baltic States, though the population is reported to be decreasing. It’s historical […]
  • Goodbye Paris, Hello Riga! - Well, for those who didn’t know, I have left France – temporarily at least. I still have more than half a year to complete my working holiday visa. But, to […]
  • New Project: Visages de France - When I traveled in Brazil, I took photos of the people that I met during my travels.  I began an instagram project that is like an homage to the wonderful […]
  • La Ferme aux Cailloux (The Farm of Pebbles) - So this past couple of weeks, I have been doing some wwoofing at a farm in Arces-Dilo, l’Yonne called La Ferme aux Cailloux. For those who do not know what […]
  • Hitch hiking from Lyon to Auxerre (on the A6 towards Paris) - Well, I just did my first hitch hiking experience in Europe today! 🙂  About 300 kms which took me most of the day. I sat my alarm at 7 this […]
  • So I guess there are friendly French people. - Ok, before you get angry at me for writing a title like that, check your pockets coz maybe you left your sense of humour in there. Found it? Now, take […]
  • Crécy-la-Chapelle - So I met this guy Gregoire who invited me to stay with his family at a small town about 60 kms away from Paris.  The town is called Crécy-la-Chapelle or Crécy, […]
  • A cute little story!!! - I have to share this: I am walking home from a dinner party, singing by myself when I passed by this couple having a date. The guy suddenly shouted (in […]
  • Apprenez moi me français et je vous apprendrais l’anglais - So I started do something with my french  and made a few of these cards saying “Teach me French and I’ll teach you English.” I went to a few community […]
  • Another week in Paris - Last week, one of my statuses on facebook was: I feel like the only way to survive this city is to think about the bad things that ever happened in […]
  • Surviving First Week in Paris - Well, tomorrow will be my first week here in Paris. One week already! So this is actually the 2nd time that I have been to Paris. The first time I […]


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