Timisoara, Romania

I visited Romania for the first time at the beginning of last year, in Bucharest, where I met my host Alex who shared to me his city with many beautiful memories and experiences. I told him I will come to Romania again to visit other cities. And so here I am again in Romania, in Timisoara, a beautiful city that is apparently a candidate to become the 2021 European Capital of Culture.


Timisoara has beautiful, lively squares like this Opera Square.

Timisoara is the 3rd most populous city in Romania with a population of over 300, 000. It is considered the informal capital city of the historical region of Banat.

My hosts here is Rockxan and Csaba who offered me their couch after I posted a public couchsurfing request. Rockxan is French-Brazilian and Csaba is Hungarian-Romanian and they have been living in Timisoara for over a year.


Rockxan, Csaba and Azir

I have been really lucky recently because I’ve had really great and memorable experiences on couchsurfing. Csaba and Rockxan were amazing hosts, making sure that I have a better understanding of Timisoaran history and culture. Both of them took time in showing me around the city. Csaba is an incredible guide. He knows so much history and is really into sharing his knowledge of history of Timisoara to his guests. I teased him that perhaps he is using me as practice in his next career as a tour guide. He really is impressively articulate in history and if he doesn’t know anything, he would try to research it and give me the details when we are home.


At this time of the year, Timisoara is filled with colorful tulips. The city boasts beautiful gardens filled with flowers of different colors and varieties.

I also met a fellow Canadian traveller – Gilad. I’ve just arrived in Timisoara when I met him at the bus stop at the airport. It’s always great to meet other Canadian travellers. Gilad and I talked about travelling and compared our experiences in Europe and how we miss the Canadian politeness because in Europe, well, people can be, uhmmm… unpolite sometimes. 🙂


The beautiful Catedrala Mitropolitana (Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral)

Gilad stayed at a hostel but we kept in touched via FB and I introduced him to my hosts who gladly invited him to join our “tour” as well. It was a great match because Gilad is also into history and so he had lots of questions for Csaba about Timisoara.


Gilad and Ana

Another highlight of my visit to Timisoara is meeting Ana, who I met 3 years ago during my trip in Brazil. She was doing an exchange in São Luís, Maranhão at the same time I was there. We kept in touch via facebook but never really had the chance to meet  up until now.


Funny coz I have been meeting some friends who I met in Brazil recently! I wonder if this is a sign that I have to go back there? 🙂 It was great to see Ana and I’ve had many experiences of these random reunions. Whenever I met someone and we share a beautiful experience, there is always this anxiety that we will not meet again. But the more I travel and the more I meet friends from my travel, the more I realize that the world is very small and that there is always a chance to meet up and reconnect again in the future.


I really enjoyed Timisoara and I am so happy and glad to have met the people that I met there. It was a bit hard to say goodbye but then I know that there will be another chance later to come back and reconnect again.





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